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Pink Marshmallows

Ever just want to hold a ball of yarn and squish it because it’s so soft? That is how these  lovely pink skeins feel.

Eden Silk yarn

This is Universal Yarn’s Eden Silk, color quince. It is 75% merino wool and 25% silk, and 100% squishy softness. It is a heathered yarn, which softens up the pink quite a bit and gives it a sophisticated look when it is worked into a project. And the silk gives just a bit of gloss, so the yarn appears luminous rather than shiny. It has been an absolute dream to crochet with, and I wish I’d bought another color or two. But sadly, I have cashmere tastes on an acrylic budget, so I look for sale yarns. Turns out the reason this was on sale was Universal has discontinued it. There is still some at their site, but it’s getting hard to find elsewhere. Hopefully they will reissue it someday.

The DK weight made it perfect for the following sweater, which is still a WIP. It may feel like a pink marshmallow, but I’m currently referring to it as the pink blob. A few thousand double crochets make you feel like you’re in purgatory. One of these days it shall be finished! The color is slightly off in this picture, but the heathering is more apparent than in the picture of the skeins.

Pink sweater

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