Sunday Sevens #1


Natalie at Threads and Bobbins had a cool idea for a weekly linkup. So here’s my contribution–a week of photos for the Sunday Sevens linkup.


2014-09-14 21.23.48_20140917000927058

Sunday’s are almost always guinea pig pen cleaning day.


2014-09-15 21.07.12_20140917000641962

It’s gotten cool enough to wear my favorite sweatshirt in the evenings. I’m ready, so bring on the cold weather!!!


2014-09-16 23.57.36_20140917000435847

Books—reading is forever.


2014-09-17 17.49.15_20140920135301806

One scrummy Peppermint Mocha Latte!! Bible study started this week, and I was feeling the need for a pick-me-up between work and our study.


2014-09-17 20.16.56_20140920135140413

Actually from Wednesday, but has applied to the entire month. My local grocery store has decided to redo their entire layout. Leaving aisles of empty shelves and oddities like putting the peanut butter with the coffee. (???)


2014-09-20 10.18.40_20140920134949590

Purple glitter nail polish. Not for me.


2014-09-20 11.55.45_20140920235514488

Painting the living room, which is room two of a three-room makeover. The color is “Soft Turquoise” by Behr.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #1

        1. Put it this way, I still have the scars! She was a biter, and didn’t give warning nibbles. She went straight for blood and bit everyone who ever held her. Except for one of the neighbor’s little girls, with whom the Demon Pig would cuddle with and gaze at with total, blind adoration. Oddly the Demon Pig enjoyed head and chin scratches while in her pen; picking her up lead to bleeding.


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