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Sunday Sevens #2

My deepest apologies for disappearing this week. I had the best intentions, and even a good post idea or two, but events overtook and stomped me. Nothing serious, but a whole lot of must dos that cropped up unexpectedly.

So here is week two of the linkup started by Natalie at Threads and Bobbins.


Dad's toes

Dad’s toes! The purple glitter polish from last week was for painting my dad’s toe nails. He is in a rehabilitation center recovering from ankle surgery and he thought it would be funny. I also drew smiley faces on his toes, although not visible in this picture.


Pilates mat

My Pilates class started tonight. And after laying off all summer, I can feel it!


Coffee mug

My favorite work coffee mug.


new drapes

The new drapes arrived for the dining room. Still need a pressing before hanging them; actually, I need to put up curtain rods first.


Scarf for present

Actually finished some crocheting this week. This is a Christmas present intended for a young cousin. The yarn is Red Heart’s Gumdrop yarn; color is Cherry. This is a fun and easy yarn to work with. One more scarf and I’ll be done!!


Halloween costume

Went shopping, spent too much money, bought curtain rods and part of my Halloween costume!


grubby shoes

The living room is finished! A good friend came over and helped me. These are my “grubby” shoes–an old pair of Merrells that I can put good insoles in and do all the messy work around the house.


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