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I am paying attention

A week or so ago, Beth at After Dark Sewing and Shawn at Some Assembly Required nominated me for Liebster awards a week or so ago–I haven’t forgotten, I promise! It was very nice of them, and I enjoy both their blogs and was very happy they gave me the nomination, but–I’m swamped. Gurgling, Sinking, Drowning in fact. Christmas is coming and the foyer is still not painted and a million other things are looming (*buy glitter hairspray-ack). I will do this award and pass it along, I promise!!!

*Downside to doing the costumes for the church Christmas pageant-do NOT, under any circumstance, fail to have glitter hairspray for the angels. Stopping mutinous second and third grade females from rioting is not on my to-do list for pageant night.


Sunday Sevens #6

Another week gone! Part of the Sunday Sevens linkup hosted by Threads and Bobbins. Sunday Curtains up! Monday I confess—a total impulse buy. But it’s hot chocolate weather! Tuesday My roses are confused. Apparently they believe summer is returning. Wednesday New project underway. The colors make me think of the peppermint hot chocolate I bought.… Continue reading Sunday Sevens #6


Sunday Sevens #5

It’s Sunday again, and time for the Sunday Sevens hosted by Thread and Bobbins! Sunday Guinea pig bath time! Monday And it’s time for this again! Tuesday Book Club—Something Wicked This Way Comes was chosen to achieve the proper spookiness for the month. Wednesday My name is Rita, and I’m addicted to patterns. Went to… Continue reading Sunday Sevens #5


Pink Madness (umm…Nightmare, umm…Marshmallows, that’s it–Marshmallows)

This sweater is gorgeous. It is soft, has a luminous color, and has interesting trim. It has also been possessed by a demon from the darkest pits of Hades and has turned into the single most frustrating piece of crochet I’ve ever done. I’m trying to ignore the fact that part of the problem is… Continue reading Pink Madness (umm…Nightmare, umm…Marshmallows, that’s it–Marshmallows)