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Tangling and Untangling

Again, sorry about the disappearing act. Every now and then life gets a little bit tangled up and time goes <poof>!

But it also gave me some time to think. Although I started this blog to track and focus on my crafting, artsy, and creative side and hopefully motivate myself to be more organized and achieve more creatively, I’m not feeling it (yet). And I realize that there’s at least a couple of reasons for that.

Number one is that sometimes I’m thinking deeper thoughts about faith, family, current events, the meaning of the universe, etc. So now and then postings about random ponderings may appear, when the creative oomph just isn’t there.

Number two is most of my creative focus is currently fixated on the long overdo, three-room remodel I’ve stuck myself with. (I had to paint three windows with 15 panes each. What was I thinking???) And I’m a bit stuck there, because my brain is going “I’ve planned this thing out for you. So isn’t the job done?” Nope. Planning may be done, but the sweating hasn’t.

So, here is where it stands now. (You might want blinders for the dining room. It’s bright. Very bright.)

The dining room before, sort of. The wallpaper has been stripped (it was boring brown and beige, and the trim and lower wall has been done. Note the major problem with all three of the rooms. Boring beige walls, boring beige carpets, and the curtains were—beige. The chandelier was builder’s boring brass, circa 1980ish.


And here’s the after!! Nothing boring here! The upper walls are Valspar’s Soft Duckling, which I’ve nicknamed “Nuclear Sun.” Then I glazed over it with Valspar’s Gold Metallic Glaze, thinned with Valspar’s Clear Glaze. I wasn’t going for metallic, I just wanted to break up the glow—which I think it did beautifully. The chandelier was painted black, with Rustoleum’s Metallic Spray Paint, in Carbon Mist.

And here’s the next room after just finishing the paint. It’s in Soft Turquoise by Behr. Obviously fear of color is not a problem around here.


Next up–curtain rods and curtains!! And artwork back on the walls! And the foyer still needs painting.


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