Sunday Sevens #3

And it’s another week of Sunday Sevens.


2014-09-28 16.10.36_20140928211132661

Where I spent the afternoon—at the campus impound lot. Legs forgot there was a home game on Saturday, and student cars cannot be in the stadium lot on game days. Soooooo-the car was towed, and Legs learned an expensive lesson.


2014-09-29 22.01.12_20140930070453999

There was an estate auction for a distant relative yesterday, and another estate was included. I used online bidding and picked up this lovely “Japan” tea tin. The description mentioned “counter” use—I thought it meant kitchen counter. Nope—it meant general store counter. It’s a bulk tin, and this sucker is HUGE!


2014-09-29 22.03.58_20140930070607441

Drapes came in for the living room!! Yay!! I really need to get the curtain rods put up. Sadly, these were a major fail. I loved the pattern, I love my turquoise room, I did not love them together. So back to the store they went and I’ve ordered some more. But curtain rods for all windows are installed!!


2014-10-02 08.38.42_20141004173549203

My favorite Dansko sandals.


2014-10-05 17.23.12_20141005172424480

And as part of my home improvement kick, I cleaned out the sweater shelf! Doesn’t it look tidy? The Pink Purgatory needed some room if it’s ever completed.


2014-10-02 20.05.53_20141005162716856

The world’s best ladder! It’s made by Cosco, and the full width platforms have made painting so much easier. And the safety rail is pure genius!



Dining room curtains

Curtains up!! Well, in the dining room at least, and they still need hemmed and pressed.



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