Sunday Sevens #4

And it’s another Sunday Sevens, with Natalie at Threads and Bobbins. I cheated a bit—there are a couple of days with multiple photos. Just couldn’t resist.



2014-10-05 22.13.12_20141006095411164

Sewing up the slits on the very cheap maxi dress I found at Target. It’s for a Halloween costume but I don’t need slits running halfway up my legs!


2014-10-06 21.04.25_20141006210945873

Pinning up the hem on the new curtains to see how much I have to take up.


2014-10-07 20.32.51_201410072228506372014-10-07 22.15.23_20141007222716675

Pressing one of the curtain panels. And hemming it. There’s a theme this week, isn’t there? One down, one to go.


2014-10-08 14.58.55_20141012160254749

A busy day of appointments, so I was crocheting in the dentist’s office. And I got to eat lunch with Legs after we picked up tickets for Saturday’s game.


2014-10-10 08.53.24_20141012155516042

I came home to this—the tree trimming service arrived and took care of all my overgrown trees. Hurrah!


2014-10-09 18.04.14_20141009180635903

I have a new toy!! A new Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+ tablet—LOVE IT! It’s charging right now!



Football Game!!!!!!!!!! Spent the afternoon with Legs cheering on our team!




3 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #4

  1. Looks like you have had a busy week ‘sewing/crochet’ wise! I’ve got a bag on my list of makes, to hold yarn and crochet hooks, so that I can take them everywhere! Your pink crochet looks great!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I go to so many doctors I have to have something to do while waiting. I need to make a larger bag. My current one is a freebie from Michael’s when I bought cheap sock yarn. So it’ll do.


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