Pink Madness (umm…Nightmare, umm…Marshmallows, that’s it–Marshmallows)


This sweater is gorgeous. It is soft, has a luminous color, and has interesting trim. It has also been possessed by a demon from the darkest pits of Hades and has turned into the single most frustrating piece of crochet I’ve ever done. I’m trying to ignore the fact that part of the problem is me.

This is the pattern– Cascade Pullover from the book Crochet So Fine, by Kristin Omdahl (image from Crochet Me). Isn’t it pretty?

Cascade pullover tunic by Kristen Omdahl
This is the third pattern I’ve used from this book, and the second sweater. And I’ve crocheted at least two sweaters before this, plus a bunch of accessories. It is a lovely pattern, and I especially like the trim. The scallops at the neck, not so much. I don’t really get those, plus I wear a lot of necklaces and the scallops would get in the way. Anyway, the recommended yarn is cotton. But I found this marvelous yarn on clearance and it should work, right? Well, it might be working but nothing else is!

The trouble started with the gauge swatch. It was a liar. A nasty little liar. I measured the swatch, it was correct, yet the first attempt resulted in a neck yoke that would fit an eight-year-old. Sigh. Going up two hook sizes led to a nicely fitting neck yoke, which also matched gauge.

Then I discovered that my pattern reading skills were rusty, as it took three attempts to get the front scallop right.

From then on it just clicked along tickety-boo in endless rows of double crochet. But as the yarn dwindled, I became concerned. Despite checking the yardage for my size carefully and then checking again, I seem to be running out.  So another ball was tracked down; sadly it was not on sale. And it’s a good thing , because here is that last ball.

This ball contains 153 yards of yarn. I have two 3/4 length sleeves to go. So, will I have enough?
Oh, and lest I forget, here is the trim. That lovely, scalloped trim, which was fun to hook and really should match up quite nicely. After the neckline debacle, I counted carefully. And recounted. And recounted. So tell me, why didn’t the trim meet up? All that counting and hooking, and it doesn’t line up?


So in a fit of frustration, I stopped trying to fix the trim and took the last ball of yarn and started on the sleeves.


Do you see the problem? Because there is one. A rather large one, in fact. Hint: It involves the objects in the following picture.


Two hooks which are the same color. Yet, if you can read the markings, they are NOT the same size.

Yep, that’s what happened. My H hook somehow wound up in my project bag, although the G hook is what I started with, and with all the toing and froing I’ve been doing, I picked up the H hook by mistake.  The sleeve has already been frogged, and I tried on the sweater to determine how badly I’ve messed up. The trim was done with the H hook, but that alone might still work, if I can figure out the alignment problem.

But as you may have figured out by now, that would be too easy. Apparently the inadvertent switch to the H hook occurred over 18 rows up, because the hips are way too big. Trust me, with the top fitting so nicely (ignore the sleeve) the hip section should not be too large. With my hips, a loose fit is never the problem. The designer added hip gussets which echo the neckline area, adding a nice detail in the process. Except I could carry a small child under the hip area of this thing.

The Pink Nightmare…uh, Marshmallow is going into timeout. Possibly for a long time.

A scarf, that’s what I need. A nice, plain rectangle. And prayers. And possibly a glass of wine.


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