In progress

wpid-img_20141104_1921542.jpg.jpegWell, I’m still working on this. I’ve had a couple of restarts, but it’s taking shape. Thanks to A Crochet Journey for reminding me of the waistcoat stitch—I learned it under another name a few years back, but since I’ve forgotten that name and where I read about it, I’ll just go with hers.

This is the first time I’ve started something with just a general idea—where I’ve had to work out the stitch count and stitch type myself. If it works, I may post a sort of tutorial. More of a “how I did it” type of post, or with the way things have gone lately, perhaps a “how not to do it post.”

Either way, perhaps someone can learn something from my whopperjawed way of creating and living.

(By the way, could someone out there with an Android tablet answer a question? How do In copy a URL so I can paste it into a blog post? Thanks. I’m probably missing the obvious, but it’s driving me nuts.)


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