Sunday Sevens #8

And it’s time for Sunday Sevens again!!!!!!



I lost a button on my coat, so I’m sewing it back on and reinforcing a couple of others. They don’t seem to sew on buttons as tightly as in years past.



I confess, I’ve done absolutely nothing today. Well, not nothing—I did go to work and then to Pilates. Then I came home and curled up in bed for a rest and a video on my tablet, and I just seemed to stay there. The picture is from Tuesday, but it’s kinda why I folded. My computer hard drive died again, and my house thermostat is flaking out, and I’m feeling overwhelmed, so I hid in the warm bed until morning.



The computer came back to life this morning, so I uninstalled the Windows update (Monday’s pic) since around the time the weird problems started. I voted, and I took dad to his out-of-town surgeon for a checkup. (Mom hates interstate driving—hates it.)



Crisis averted—the angels will have hair glitter.



Well, apparently the stress of the last year has just destroyed my brain. So I’ve been working on this, and I wanted an E hook, but couldn’t find my padded hook, so I’d been using a plain metal E hook. Until my hand seized up (I have rheumatoid arthritis) and I undertook a serious hunt for the padded one. Which I found hiding in the wrong spot of the correct storage drawer. When I started to crochet again, I realized my error. My plain metal hook was not an E hook; it was a D hook. It was almost too small for the yarn, which explains some of the splitting errors I was having. Froggin’ away again, but I’ve almost made up the lost ground with the correct, padded hook.



On the side of thing going right, I finished a Christmas present. It’s a scarf in a bright shade of Red Heart’s Gumdrop yarn.



I’ve stripped the wallpaper and taken the bi-fold doors down! Yeah, I know, the closet’s a wreck. Hush. It’s a good time for cleanout, okay? Slightly panicking here–just two weekends until Thanksgiving. I’d planned to have this all done and new floors by September. Ack.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #8

    1. Well, thanks. Still ignoring the painting project today. The scarf stitch is called “Crazy Puff Stitch.” It was in a magazine, possibly Crochet!, and wasn’t a pattern. It was just the instructions for the stitch.

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