Sunday Sevens #9

Well, it’s Sunday again, and time for another round of Sunday Sevens. It’s been an interesting week, full of the joys of home ownership.


Mandolorian helmet

Introducing Legs the Mando Intimidator!!! Or something like that. Open-mouthed smile Legs started building a set of Mando armor over the summer. Which is one of the reasons my home makeover took longer than expected. I had to give sewing lessons so Legs could sew a Mando flak jacket. If you don’t know what a Mando is, click here. (I blame our assistant pastor. We went to a Con with her and her husband this spring, which introduced Legs to the Mandos.)


Gallon of interior paintOne gallon of Behr’s Carribbean Current for the foyer. If it’s ever ready to paint.


Empty ClosetHah!! I did get the closet cleaned out. Two garbage bags and one box are going to Goodwill on my next trip.


ThermostatDue to my former touchscreen thermostat taking an active dislike to static electricity shock, a kind neighbor came over and installed my new one. I helped, and can now install a heat pump thermostat. But more drama will ensue.


Autumn maple treeAutumn has come! My maple tree is apparently the last tree in the neighborhood to dress up for fall. Isn’t it beautiful!


open thermostatThermostat not operating correctly. The auxiliary heat is coming on way too often. I tore it apart to check the wiring again. There may be an entire post about the thermostat issues in the near future.


wall with old wallpaper pasteStripping wallpaper paste, which was laid on with a heavy trowel. A 50/50 vinegar/water combo works a treat, although the house now smells like a pickle factory. The left side of the pic is the clean side; the darker brown is the very thick, 30-year-old paste.



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