Christmas is coming…

But at least I finished some presents!

I recently showed you this scarf as part of a Sunday Sevens post.

wpid-img_20141108_153010.jpgIt is the partner to this scarf.

wpid-img_20141108_153114.jpgAnd they both belong to this entire collection!

wpid-img_20141108_153225.jpgYes, I crocheted five scarves this year for Christmas presents.

It all started last year when one of my late husband’s cousins visited last year. The oldest girl, to be known as J., was fascinated when she saw me crocheting. I taught her some basic stitches, and let her “help” on the scarf I was making for Mom. Then little sister H. got in on the act, and then J. was back asking questions. And then somehow she was telling me her favorite color and her sister’s favorite color for the scarf I had somehow just promised to make.

Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to tell her I couldn’t do it for last Christmas, which was the truth and then some. But of course, I just couldn’t make one scarf—that would start a war. So J. is getting a bright pink one, and H. a purple one, and little brother M. the blue one. And because my husband had two cousins who are sisters, and their families are very close, I had to make two more scarves for the other family. So A. is getting another pink one, and M. is getting the turquoise one.

All of these are from Red Heart’s Gumdrop yarns, which was a treat to work with and the colors are such fun!

And beware little girls with big brown eyes!


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