Sunday Sevens #10

Another round of Sunday Sevens as hosted by Threads and Bobbins. It’s been a crazy week, and I’m really trying to get this remodeling job done.


wpid-img_20141116_0856482.jpg.jpegReplaced a shower curtain rod—after it fell, again. At least it wasn’t in the middle of the night this time.


wpid-img_20141117_0830312.jpg.jpegFirst real snow of the year!


wpid-img_20141123_1631532.jpg.jpegNew shoes, and they’re heels!!! Really, heels!!! Wolky brand shoes—Zulily had them on discount. Arch support, memory foam, heel support, and butter soft leather promise to hopefully relieve my numerous foot issues. And they’re heels and I can walk across the room in them!!!


No picture. Minor family drama, but after a long day of work it consumed the whole evening.


wpid-img_20141123_1629002.jpg.jpegWell, it’s a bad picture, but corn nuts came! The local stores have stopped carrying them, and they are a must have for party mix!! Yum!


wpid-img_20141123_1633142.jpg.jpegNew clothes, which is kinda fun and kinda aggravating. A new pantsuit I tried on, which has the jacket and the pants in the same size, was especially annoying. Why would the waist in the pants be too large, and the waist in the jacket almost too tight, when they are both the same size and by the same manufacturer, and designed to be worn together? Why?


wpid-img_20141123_1510502.jpg.jpegPainted the trim and one coat on the lower wall. I will finish the closet and do touchups tomorrow.



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