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Christmas shopping is really bad for me. Because I don’t like to, and have little time for, shopping the rest of the year, I put it off. And then when I start shopping for Christmas presents, I see all the stuff I need/want but have ignored until now.

Last week was clothes; this week is Knit Picks big yarn sale. And they sent me an e-mail announcing they have brought back their Felici self-striping sock yarn (limited time only). So I sneaked a peak, and found this!!!!

timetraveleryarnIt’s called Time Traveler and it’s perfect! I bought four skeins, apparently the last of them, because this colorway is no longer on the site. I just placed the order this morning. There are five other beautiful colors still available. There’s at least two others I love, but I had to have this one.

And 10 points to the first person to tell me why it’s called Time Traveler. Hint: I won’t be making socks with this!!

Edited to Add:  TIME TRAVELER is back on the site, but is marked low stock. Better hurry if you want this one!


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