Sunday Sevens No. 11

And it’s time for Sunday Sevens again!!!!!! It was a major holiday week here in the U.S., and I enjoyed having only two days of work and having Legs around longer than usual.


wpid-img_20141126_1037332.jpg.jpegCloset painted and trim is finished.


wpid-img_20141126_1038502.jpg.jpegTwo dead thermostats. One dead heat pump. No heat tonight.


wpid-img_20141125_1753582.jpg.jpegOne new thermostat. One working heat pump. One visit by my wonderful HVAC repairman.


wpid-img_20141127_1008282.jpg.jpegPainted the foyer and finished it!


wpid-thanksgiving-religious-background-4.jpgHappy Thanksgiving! We had a relaxing afternoon with my parents


wpid-img_20141130_1935032.jpg.jpegProgress is being made. Also, we went to see Interstellar. It is fantastic and is definitely worth the price of the ticket. It is completely riveting.


wpid-img_20141129_1202562.jpg.jpegThe Christmas pageant is a week from tomorrow. Eeek. And we were very low on shepherd robes last year, so I’m running up three very quick ones from some fabric that was donated to the cause.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens No. 11

    1. Thanks! I wore myself out finishing the foyer, but I was panicking with Christmas, and the pageant, so close. The flooring will have to wait until after Christmas, but it’s the last major project.


    1. Thanks! I am pleased with the color too. As for size, I am hoping to downsize within 5 years. When we visited the UK a few years back, I was jealous of the compact little houses with tiny yards. Not nearly as much maintenance as here?

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