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Sunday Sevens Christmas Edition

Okay, so I missed last week’s Sunday Sevens’ post, so I’m playing catch up. There will be more than 7 pictures, all relating to Christmas and our celebrations of the same. They won’t be on any particular day or in any particular order, so here goes: The Christmas tree was finally decorated! And I love… Continue reading Sunday Sevens Christmas Edition


The light shines in the darkness…

…and the darkness has not overcome it. —John 1:5 Christmas is coming, and in fact is almost upon us. And I am glad. Not because I’m tired of shopping and decorating and wrapping and fussing, but because it’s here. CHRISTMAS is here. CHRISTMAS. A holy day. A feast day. A day of hope, and joy,… Continue reading The light shines in the darkness…

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In case you were confused…

wpid-img_20141213_1353002.jpg.jpegI apparently should not blog when I’m up past my bedtime. 😀

I love Natalie’s blog, Threads and Bobbins, and I really enjoy doing the Sunday Sevens linkup. Helps me remember I have a blog some weeks. <grin> But apparently I discovered how to repost without knowing I was doing it. Not that I mind reposting Natalie’s blog–I just hadn’t intended it last night. I was reading after posting mine, and getting dozy, and voila! I discovered how to repost! By apparently clicking somewhere on the screen while nodding off.

Lesson learned–no blogging when you should be in bed. 😀

Perhaps some sugar would improve my alertness. So in response to a request for my espresso cookies, I went digging around to find the original source.  Ta-Dah!! to the rescue!  So here’s the link:

Chocolate-Dipped Espresso Cookies

And a bonus–the chocolate spicy stars which are rather different and very tasty:

Spicy Chocolate Shortbread



Sunday Sevens No. 13

So it’s time for another session of the Sunday Sevens linkup hosted by Natalie at Threads and Bobbins. Christmas prep is in full swing here, as the following pictures will show. Sunday The pageant was a great success, and I enjoyed it. But I can’t post pictures of other people’s children, so here is one… Continue reading Sunday Sevens No. 13