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An Early Christmas

Well, at least for me.

I’ve ordered all sorts of presents for other people, but yesterday was when all the packages for me arrived!

First package was from Replacements LTD. My stainless pattern, from my wedding 20+? years ago was Oneida’s Damask Rose, which they discontinued (of course—although they are still making my mother’s wedding pattern). We received 10 place settings, which have served us well over the years. But this summer, suddenly I was short three teaspoons, leaving me seven and I’m expecting nine for Christmas dinner. Oops.  The difference this year: Legs was in charge of dishwasher emptying, and was extraordinarily found of microwave mac n’ cheese as a midnight snack. Either the spoons have been placed in an extremely weird location in the kitchen and I’ve been unable to locate them, or they were accidently thrown away in the mac n’ cheese cleanup. Legs is denying all charges.

But these were waiting for me Monday afternoon, and are beautifully perfect and were on sale!

wpid-img_20141201_2141182.jpg.jpegThen I found four boxes piled up on the front stoop. Each of them contains this:

wpid-img_20141201_2136272.jpg.jpegAll of those bits and pieces should combine to make a wall lamp, courtesy of Home Depot. All four will go in my newly painted living room. Because this house was built in 1980, which was an era that apparently did not believe in overhead lighting. There were NO hardwired lights in any bedroom, the living room, or the family room. Lamps only, with one socket in each wall outlet wired to the light switch. My late husband was very handy, so he promptly installed lighted ceiling fans in all but the living room. We didn’t use it much, so he didn’t feel it was necessary.

But part of this long overdue remodel is to make it more livable, which means it needs light! But I don’t want to fool with hardwiring anything, and I’m tired of moving floor lamps to vacuum or having them knocked over, so wall lamps it is.

And the real goody box arrived from Knit Picks. TA-DA!!!!! They’re here!!!

wpid-img_20141201_2137412.jpg.jpegFour gorgeous, squishy skeins of Time Traveler!!!!  I wish the colors were a bit deeper, to fit the name better. But they will still make a lovely scarf.

Edited to add: I decided to decorate the blog along with my house. Merry Christmas!


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