Sunday Sevens No. 12

Sorry for a late post, but I’ve had a splitting sinus headache all day and it was PAGEANT DAY!! I just came back from four hours at church and I’m on a sugar high because I forgot to eat dinner. The youth group do a coffee and dessert fundraiser afterwards to raise money for their mission trip. So it’s a caffeine and sugar high. I do get a kick out of getting the children fitted out and wish I had a preschooler so I could post a picture of how impossibly adorable the sheep costumes are. (I inherited those—not my creation—but the are the best sheep costumes ever.)

And it’s time for Sunday Sevens again!!!!!! Another busy week of holiday prep, which I now have to get serious about.


wpid-img_20141130_1840062.jpg.jpeg wpid-img_20141130_1842162.jpg.jpegChristmas decorating has commenced. The tree is up, lights and tinsel are on, and there are about <ahem> 11 boxes to empty. Hmmm-it’s getting a bit out of hand.


wpid-img_20141201_2137412.jpg.jpegAs referenced in my earlier post here, my personal Christmas packages arrived today.


wpid-img_20141204_1858072.jpg.jpegOutside lights are up, after a little conundrum involving GFI circuits and outdoor outlets. I don’t do a lot, but I do love these sidewalk markers, and my lights on the dwarf spruce (which suffered a different electrical issue but all is glowing now).


2014-12-03 20.27.01_20141207213915789The pageant is approaching, and tonight was the first occasion to start fitting out costumes.  These are two of my six boxes–sheep and angels. It’s mostly about making sure the costumes fit correctly, and that everyone has the appropriate pieces.


wpid-img_20141206_1746312.jpg.jpegThe assistant pastor found every stray bottle of hair glitter from the last four years, and along with my other paraphernalia, I needed a new carry box for pageant stuff. One with a handle and that snap locks so I can at least hear the 8-year-old girls trying to sneak the hair glitter out. (What is the obsession with hair glitter???)


wpid-img_20141205_2141442.jpg.jpegChristmas has officially begun. The most addictive food ever made is my Mom’s party mix. It has her secret ingredient, and Legs would rather give up Christmas cookies than this stuff. This is the first roaster full; I will have to make at least two more roasters, probably three.


wpid-img_20141206_2332562.jpg.jpegThe pageant dress rehearsal, errands, and some decorating!!! Christmas is coming…



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