Sunday Sevens No. 13

So it’s time for another session of the Sunday Sevens linkup hosted by Natalie at Threads and Bobbins. Christmas prep is in full swing here, as the following pictures will show.


2014-12-07 14.24.35The pageant was a great success, and I enjoyed it. But I can’t post pictures of other people’s children, so here is one of mine. Legs swung by for a quick visit, and was drafted into helping with the tree. Those legs are extremely useful this time of year!


wpid-img_20141209_2049312.jpg.jpegParty mix! More party mix!


wpid-img_20141209_2247382.jpg.jpegDecorating with the nativity scene my late mother-in-law made me. (And more party mix!)


wpid-img_20141209_2251012.jpg.jpegMore Christmas decorating—I added the nutcrackers to the table below the Merry Christmas sign.


wpid-img_20141213_1310332.jpg.jpegMore decorating, but not for Christmas. I started hanging pictures back in the rooms I decorated. This wall will be pictures from places we have travelled.


wpid-img_20141213_1313202.jpg.jpegLet the baking begin! These are espresso shortbread, and need to be dipped in chocolate tomorrow.


wpid-img_20141213_2302432.jpg.jpegBaking day! These are peppermint shortbread and chocolate spice stars waiting for their glazes to dry.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens No. 13

  1. Thanks! I love baking, plus I need enough to give to the neighbors and to feed the approaching Mongol hordes. Or the locust swarm, whichever you prefer. 😁 AKA my sister’s family, with her 3 kids. Combined with Legs, they will decimate these cookies, and my pantry. Gotta love ’em.


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