The light shines in the darkness…

…and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1:5


Christmas is coming, and in fact is almost upon us. And I am glad. Not because I’m tired of shopping and decorating and wrapping and fussing, but because it’s here.


A holy day. A feast day. A day of hope, and joy, and miracles. A chance to celebrate the Light that guides us from the darkness, the miracle of a baby born to save us.

wpid-img_20141224_1730552.jpg.jpegWe gather because we need to celebrate, and celebrate together. Sitting down to table together binds us together as family and as friends. I baked the cake to share with loved ones. I light the tree to make the house shine. (I set the table so the crumbs are all left in one place, and I’m not sweeping the whole house to clean them up.)

wpid-img_20141224_1734032.jpg.jpegDoes it have to look like something from a holiday movie? No, plus it takes way too many crew members to pull off those Hollywood gatherings. And was it necessary for me to have pounds of root vegetables to peel and cut up for roasting tomorrow? No, but it would be nice to make enough this year to have leftovers on Friday. Do you need an 8-foot tree with 300 ornaments? No, and I don’t either. Christmas can be a casserole with a neighbor, or a candle lit by oneself.

I celebrate Christmas to light a candle against the darkness and the ugliness in the world, to remind myself to reflect the Light of love out into the world.

Christmas has come!



Enjoy, and may peace and joy be with you and yours on this day, and the coming year.


p.s. My apologies for totally failing at Sunday Sevens this week. I ended up feeling really ill on Sunday evening, and just fell over into bed. Which blew the entire Christmas week schedule, so the rest of my week has been crazy (not including the fact Bessie the van is now at the mechanic’s, awaiting his repair genius on Friday). But it’s still Christmas, and I’m still happy, especially since I was apparently just exhausted Sunday and have missed the stomach bug that has bounced around work for almost two weeks.


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