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Sunday Sevens Christmas Edition

Okay, so I missed last week’s Sunday Sevens’ post, so I’m playing catch up. There will be more than 7 pictures, all relating to Christmas and our celebrations of the same. They won’t be on any particular day or in any particular order, so here goes:

wpid-img_20141220_2043262.jpg.jpegThe Christmas tree was finally decorated! And I love it, and I love how it looks with the new paint job in the room.

wpid-img_20141217_0811512.jpg.jpegLast batch of cookies—peppermint kisses on chocolate. Yum!

wpid-img_20141223_1814292.jpg.jpegThe neighbor down the street brought his son down, and helped Legs move the basement couch up into the newly painted living room. It’s very comfy, since it has two recliners built in.

wpid-img_20141220_2105442.jpg.jpegSantas went up this year. My dad makes these Santa puzzles every year for his grandkids. We have more than this—just no room to put them all up.

wpid-img_20141221_1552092.jpg.jpegCandles are out!

wpid-img_20141223_181322.jpgPresents were wrapped!

wpid-wp-1419479427253.jpegGoodies for neighbors were bagged and tagged and my snowman is standing guard.

wpid-img_20141224_1734032.jpg.jpeg On Christmas Eve, the table was laid and the cranberry cake was baked! Smells wonderful!

wpid-img_20141224_2112032.jpg.jpegA good friend gave this to me at Christmas Eve service. It contained a gift card, but the tin is the real treat. If you can’t read it, it says “Theatrical Makeup” on the top, and is an old tin for cold cream. She picked it for me because I do the costumes/makeup for the Christmas pageant so she doesn’t have to do them. It makes me smile to see it.

Christmas Day was busy and lovely. The locust swarm arrived and helped Legs demolish the feast. Gifts were exchanged and laughter shared.

Two of my fav gifts were 1) the bluetooth keyboard for my tablet which I am currently typing on, and 2) the following gifts from my nieces.

wpid-img_20141228_2320462.jpg.jpegThe pink skein is handspun merino wool from Niece #1, purchased from a farm near where she’s doing her graduate studies. The cranberry is 100% Peruvian alpaca. Niece #2 purchased it from a local farm when she studied in Peru this summer. Both are quite squishy and lovely.

The cranberry yarn is truly the gift that keeps on giving. The above ball is only a portion of the gift; here is the rest.

wpid-img_20141228_2321212.jpg.jpegSo, she bought the yarn straight off the drying rack while it was in an unbound hank. It did not survive the flight home intact. So I can spend this year untangling it, and next year I can make something with it.

Family is wonderful!

So many more lovely things happened–I may have to do an after Christmas post too! I hope everyone had a good Christmas and will have a spectacular new year!


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