Sunday Sevens in the New Year

Well, it’s 2015 and another week has flown by.  It’s time for Sunday Sevens, but with the ongoing holidays, I haven’t kept track of photos and such. A good friend had a New Year’s Eveparty, and then I had friends over for corned beef and cabbage on New Year’s Day. A fun week all in all, and I’m very proud we got all the Christmas decorations packed away this weekend!  Yay! I’m ready for the new year.

So here we go with a few pictures:

wpid-img_20141228_1945362.jpg.jpegThe day after Christmas, Legs got out the card table and we started a jigsaw puzzle. I like sitting around working one and chatting with my family.

wpid-img_20141226_2146282.jpg.jpegMy niece is in a history play for her school this spring, and my sewing machine hating sister has to make seven costumes for her. So I have a stash of fabric which was given to me, and I let her hunt through them and take the ones she could use. Then we went fabric and thrift store shopping and I helped her find stuff she could use.

wpid-img_20150101_0050422.jpg.jpegLegs’ best friend was over quite a bit. Pepe le Pig enjoys sitting in his jacket while they play video games.

wpid-img_20150101_1635452.jpg.jpeg wpid-img_20150101_1636382.jpg.jpegI finally hung my Amish quilts. I found the idea of hanging a quilt using a cafe rod brilliant, and it looks great in the living room.

Well, Happy New Year, and i’m hoping to get back to regular posting next week.


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