Sunday Sevens No. 14

Well, we’re back to the regular Sunday Sevens posting, as hosted by Threads and Bobbins! I’m a bit late, as I had to take Legs back to college today.


wpid-img_20150102_2259222.jpg.jpegCan’t believe I forgot this one! One of my best friends gave me this hand-carved snowflake as a thank you for helping with her daughter’s wedding this summer. Isn’t it lovely?


wpid-img_20150108_1717262.jpg.jpegFlooring samples—time to get the floors replaced.


No picture, because I spent the evening battling both the bank’s web site and the insurance company’s web site. No fun either.


wpid-img_20150110_1639172.jpg.jpegMy ta-da for the week!


wpid-img_20150110_23065222.jpg.jpegDoes the ball of yarn look any larger? I’ve worked on it for over three hours, and I’m not sure I’ve made any progress.


wpid-img_20150110_2308572.jpg.jpegIt’s baaaaack!


wpid-img_20150111_1935132.jpg.jpegLegs and his grandpa went to a movie, so I took my mom to the mall so she could exchange some Christmas items. She’s a bad influence, as I wound up buying this suit jacket. Well, it was 70 percent off. Open-mouthed smile


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