Sunday Sevens #15

Well, it’s not quite seven this week. I haven’t done a whole lot except sort some papers and make arrangements for flooring and such. Plus getting in some items I’ve ordered to make the surgery recovery easier (I hope).  So it’s just going to be a collection of randomness for my Sunday Sevens.

wpid-wp-1413515771187.jpegFirst, I’m still working on the pink problem. I got her frogged back to where I think I picked up the wrong hook, and am carefully working forward again.

wpid-img_20150115_1923542.jpg.jpegWell, we’re not done with Christmas. The Christmas tree is stored in the spare closet in my bedroom, and the box has died. Legs had to duct tape it closed, and several days later I found the tree had burst out of the box and pushed the closet door open and is now laying in my floor. Since local stores are out of tree bags, I ordered one and it has arrived. With my arthritis, I made sure I got one with wheels so I can wrangle it if Legs isn’t available.

wpid-img_20150116_2154522.jpg.jpegNow that the Christmas hubbub is over, I’ve actually lit the candles and have done some reading in my newly painted room at night. Time to relax. No idea why they look purple–they are really a blue-green color.

wpid-img_20150116_2200542.jpg.jpegAnd this is a combo picture of my lovely candles taken while I’m sitting on the recliner sofa. I’m wearing my spiffy new Dansko athletic shoes, which I just love. I’ve needed a new pair for awhile, and these are comfy and smart looking. And I’m resting them on my new wedge pillow—I ordered it from Amazon to sleep on (an experiment to help with some sleep problems) and to prop my legs on if needed during my recovery. The best pillow ever for leg propping—it fits all the way across the recliner leg rest, and is a firm but comfy straight incline from my hips to my feet. The knee will need to be elevated above the hip when resting, and it should not be bent because it can lock that way, so this is ideal. And it beats stacking and folding multiple pillows to achieve the proper height. A lovely, quiet evening altogether.

wpid-img_20150117_1638202.jpg.jpegAnd it’s here! I took Legs and his friend over to the flooring place and picked up my order. Twenty-two boxes of laminate and they loaded and unloaded it themselves! Wonderful help, and the installers are coming Friday! Yay!! The color is Warm Springs Chestnut and I am thrilled to be getting rid of that nasty carpet. Sigh. I still haven’t painted the closet doors.

wpid-img_20150118_1546282.jpg.jpegThe final item is my Ameribag HBB which arrived early and it’s fantastic! My crochet project, my tablet, and my normal purse stuff all fit inside and there would still be room for a book, water bottle, and my camera. So I will be able to carry around my life while I’m using a walker. These bags are so well designed all this gear feels lighter when in this bag than when I carry them in separate bags. I still have my small one to use if I don’t want the expedition look.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #15

  1. We only took our decorations down on Friday….I hate how bare the house looks! New floor is exciting! We had solid oak laid in our lounge courtesy of vouchers from our generous wedding guests and it makes SUCH a difference:)


    1. Getting to the end of this project is what’s exciting! And hard flooring is much easier to deal with, both cleaning wise and getting around on walkers and wheelchairs and such. I will just be the latest in my family to need help with mobility.

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