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Have some music with your flooring



Just a quick note today.

My lovely new flooring is being installed today!! Hurrah!! And I’ve started painting the closet doors!! Hurrah!!

But one question–why do all home contractors like country music? I don’t mind it. I grew up with it and like quite a lot of it. But these men have proven what I’ve observed before. If you make your living working on other people’s house, you must like country music. It’s a good thing I love Johnny Cash’s voice; I’ve been treated to his entire repertoire today.


16 thoughts on “Have some music with your flooring

  1. No builder in the UK I’ve ever had in likes country music to my knowledge, usually they have Radio 1 or another equally frenetic channel (says she sounding like she’s 90). I would love ones that played country music! I love Johnny Cash. I saw his first Man In Black London concert in the mid 90’s when I was in my early 20s! Or Dolly Parton! She played Glastonbury last year!

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    1. Wow! I’ve never seen either in concert, but they were both very popular when I was growing up. My Grandma was a big fan of the Carter family also. And “Hee Haw” was required weekly viewing. πŸ˜€ The country music must be a U.S. thing, or at least my area of the U.S.

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      1. I saw Dolly in concert at the O2 in London three years ago. She was amazing. I only saw Glastonbury on TV, because although it’s only 15 miles from where I live, I’m not crazy about festivals. She was seriously popular, had the audience singing along to most of her songs. And an awful lot of people, men included, in blond wigs! Country music in the UK is a fringe thing – I happen to like it a lot – well the more singer-songwriter end of it – but country music doesn’t really hit the charts – the last country act to get in the UK charts was Lady Antebellum with their first hit Need You Now. It tends to be crossover acts who have the greatest chance. Random fact about Johnny Cash – if a British TV show needs music to be menacing or foreboding they often choose a Johnny Cash song!

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        1. I’ve never seen her in person, but my mom knew a woman who used to be Dolly’s personal dietician (back in the late 80’s). This woman said Dolly is just as nice as she seems on stage, but she left after two years because Dolly wore her out. The travel schedule was apparently insane, and this dietician just couldn’t keep up with Ms. Parton. And I once saw her give an interview where she said everyone laughs at her wigs and “tacky” style, but she said it was the best idea ever. Because when she wants to go out and not be bothered by fans and the press, she just leaves the wig and the makeup off and everyone ignores her. I’ve always loved her attitude!


        1. Well, it must not have made it across the pond. LOL. It was a country-themed variety show in the 1970’s. Hosted by Buck Owens and Roy Clark, and a lot of rotating cast members and guest stars. Regulars included Grandpa Jones and Minnie Pearl. It was very popular, and quite funny. Dang it, now I’ve got an ear worm from the show stuck in my head, even after all those year. “Gloom, despair, and agony on me; deep dark depression, oppressive misery; if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all; gloom, despair, and agony on me.” Sung very slowly, with an overemphasized Southern accent.

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  2. You’re floor looks lovely – I wouldn’t want to walk on it! I’m a PA for an interior design company and I don’t think my boss listens to country music but I’m curious now – he might!! That would be odd!

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    1. The interior designers I’ve known probably aren’t country music fans either. It’s the ones doing the physical labor that seem to like it. The plumbers, electricians, installers, etc.


      1. Oh yeah sorry I didn’t explain he’s a carpenter/joiner/gilder/painter/decorator/installer/fitter/kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, tiling, general home improvements… I think he’s more of a jazz man LOL he doesn’t do electrics or plumbing though… Haha interesting!!


  3. Country music is definitely regarded as an American thing in England, there aren’t many fans – or any that would admit it!! Our builders usually had Radio 2 on which is what I listen to anyway. Floor is looking great and you’ve started on the closet doors at last!!

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