Sunday Sevens No. 16

Well, it’s still not seven this week. I’ve rather overdone it, but the big event was flooring! So it’s more randomness for my Sunday Sevens.


What it looks like when 34-year-old carpet padding is removed. Apparently the previous owners left the original pad in place and just put new carpet over it. The pad had to be shoveled out.


Progress on the front hall Lots of country music at this point.

And ta-da!! It’s done!!!!!


By the way, my so-so camera and the angles have made the rooms look amazingly large. They’re a good size, but the living room in particular is looking massively oversized.

And Saturday got even better! Look, it’s snow! Finally!!


And the next phase of the project is this:



Putting the contents of two bookcases and a corner cupboard back in place. Yay.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens No. 16

    1. I am done with carpet. I plan to downsize in 3-4 years and I want all hardwood/linoleum/laminate floors. Then I will buy a Roomba and be done!!! One thing about emptying shelves is I’ve cleared out a fair amount of stuff.

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