More snow

Wednesday morning there was at least 2.5 more inches, bringing my total to 13+ inches. Note the path to the door. When I went out last night just to shovel from the back of the van to the street, a neighbor and his dog came to help. We did the part I wanted, plus he dug me a path to the door. God bless good neighbors.


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The weather outside is frightful

Well, not really. I happen to like winter–I just prefer not to get the entire season in one day. We were sent home from work early, so I walked around the house and took some pictures. Actually, I waded around the house. My feet are down there somewhere. It’s definitely over 6 inches at this… Continue reading The weather outside is frightful


Looking for Color

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you know I’ve been expending good deal of time and energy (and money) remodeling some of the rooms in my house. And they are now wearing lovely, vibrant colors on their walls. However, the comfy sofa from the basement isn’t quite as colorful. Comfy, but not a… Continue reading Looking for Color


Sunday Sevens No. 18

And it’s time for Sunday Sevens again! Still pluggin’. New boots—soft to fit my toes, waterproof for the weather, AND pretty enough to wear with a skirt! Legs treated me to a Valentine’s lunch at Panera’s, but I forgot to take my camera. It’s the first time the kid has treated his mom to lunch.… Continue reading Sunday Sevens No. 18