Pluggin’ along

Still here, still pluggin’ along.

Pink sweater

Yeah, it’s still here. If I can’t do perfect double crochet by the time I’m done, there’ll be no hope for me.

I missed Sunday Sevens this week (sorry Natalie) due to a rather massive case of the blahs. Apparently I‘m suffering from a major case of post-project let down/fatigue mixed in a blender with a healthy dose of pre-surgery anxiety. Blech. So there’s been a whole lot of nothing going on around here.

On a brighter note, I have gotten most of my books back in the bookcase, and I’m sipping a fruit smoothie while I’m typing this.

Now back to this problem. This sweater needs a new name, perhaps “King Tut” because it’s cursed! Or perhaps “Lucretia Borgia.” Look at this. What is that exactly?

wpid-stitcherror.jpgIt’s not a double crochet, that’s for sure, which fouls up the perfection thing. Apparently I melded a single crochet into a double crochet to create an unnecessary decrease. I would call it drunk crocheting except I almost never drink alcohol. And it’s the second time I’ve crocheted this row. The first time (not counting the great frogging episode after discovering this) was because I just randomly added a chain between two doubles, which would have left a rather noticeable hole in the front of the sweater. Frogging back AGAIN. Arrrrgggggh!!!!

Crochet is not that difficult. I promise I’m better at it than this aggravating piece of fluff is showing. Sigh.

Well, I must exercise tonight and then decide do I spend time with King Tut or do I start pulling together info for the taxman? Wow, such exciting choices.


5 thoughts on “Pluggin’ along

  1. I had wondered about you actually! I thought you may had gone in for surgery earlier than expected :-0 Keep going with the crochet! Whenever I make a frustrating mistake with crocheting, I put it to one side and have a cup of tea… I don’t hate it as much then!

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    1. Heavens no to an early surgery! LOL! I have set it to one side, for several weeks in fact. Apparently I’ve gotten cocky about my skills, and every problem/mistake possible is going to happen on this one sweater. Oh well. I’ll finish it one of these years.

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