Sunday Sevens No. 18

And it’s time for Sunday Sevens again!

wpid-img_20150110_2308572.jpg.jpegStill pluggin’.

wpid-img_20150215_2227452.jpg.jpegNew boots—soft to fit my toes, waterproof for the weather, AND pretty enough to wear with a skirt!

Legs treated me to a Valentine’s lunch at Panera’s, but I forgot to take my camera. It’s the first time the kid has treated his mom to lunch. And it was a perfect day for soup because . . .

wpid-wp-1424042435836.jpegIt’s cold here-very, very cold.

100_1163And snowing, although we ended up with only 1/2-inch. However, we may get up to 14″ in the current storm.

And then there are these—a possible project idea. I’m working on a post just about these.

wpid-wp-1423829639218.jpegAnd a final one, just for laughs. I came across this on an afternoon where I desperately needed a giggle.



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