Sunday Sevens was yesterday, but I’m running late. The theme of this week is weather of course.

wpid-100_11672.jpg.jpegDay one.


Hot tea in my little teapot I bought in London!


It’s cookie time!!


Oh look. More snow.


Sunset on Wednesday. A mystery neighbor cleared my front walk, the walk by the street, the top of my driveway, and cleared a path around back to my Herbie.


Friday night some friends and I had signed up for “Painting with a Twist.” It’s one of those places where an instructor guides everyone through painting the same picture. It’s pretty basic, but a lot of fun mucking in the paints. The only down side was that due to weather, only one of my friends showed up. The class was a good size though, and here is my result.


And winter came back Saturday. This time with sleet and freezing rain. Yay.

Actually, it’s been a pretty good week. Snow is beautiful, and it could have been a lot worse. Have a good week!



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