Sunday Sevens No. 20

Well, this is probably not a proper Sunday Sevens . It’s been a crazy week at home and work getting ready for surgery. Ack. It’s here—this week. Ack.

So I’m saying goodbye to my knee—it’s been a good one, but it is quite worn out. Everyone who’s heard of my doctor says he’s fantastic, so I’m just going to send a prayer to God and let the doctor do his stuff. Yeah, it may be weird, but I did take a picture of my poor knee. The last one ever. But he says my shiny new one will be better than ever, so let’s get a move on! And my sister is here—yippee!!!!!

wpid-img_20150221_1139492.jpg.jpegAnd now on to other things—including a guinea pig cuddle! He’s getting much more relaxed as he’s gotten older, so he enjoys lap time now.

wpid-img_20150222_1648012.jpg.jpegSaturday my sis and I were grocery shopping, and I needed some white wine for the Mediterranean stew I was fixing that night. And then I realized-they’ve taken me off all the medicines that interact badly with alcohol—I could have wine WITH dinner! So we bought a bottle of red and invited my tee totaling parents over. Not that we are heavy drinkers—just nice to have a glass with dinner.

wpid-img_20150228_1617072.jpg.jpegAnd the big happy dance——I’ve been planning to make an afghan for the front room, and the yarn came!!! Isn’t it pretty?

wpid-img_20150227_1910242.jpg.jpegWell, you might not here from me for a week or two, but I’ll be back, better than ever!!




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