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Knee News

No crafty news this week. Just me and my new knee getting painfully acquainted. Not to worry, I won’t post any pics of the new knee, until after it is well and truly healed.

wpid-img_20150305_111025.jpgThere’s how I spend most of my days. My feet are elevated, and I have my CryoCuff and my SCD’s on. SCD’s are “sequential compression devices” or the compression sleeves used by hospitals to prevent blood clots. I have the portable version, so they go everywhere with me. So I take my pain meds, ice my knee, exercise it, and repeat.

I’ve had several questions about the “continuous passive motion” (CPM) machine, so here it is. I just strap my leg into it, and power up. It bends my leg very slowly, and we increase the degree of bend every few days. This is my favorite excercise–it is slow and relaxing, and I usually end of napping through it.

wpid-img_20150305_111013.jpgSpeaking of napping, here is my wonderful sister, who also likes to nap during the CPM time. She’s been fantastic, and I couldn’t do this without her help.



Regarding crochet and crafting, obviously I don’t have time for a lot. But I have put in a row or two on the pink nightmare, so that’ll have to do.

Signing off for now–have a great week!


5 thoughts on “Knee News

  1. Sisters are great support aren’t they? I don’t know what I’d do without mine. I like the sound of a machine which exercises you whilst you are asleep!!! Rest up and get better soon:)

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    1. I’m hanging in here. For the most part, I feel a lot better. The exercises take up most of my time, but my mobility is improving, so they are worth it. I see the surgeon Wednesday for a post-op checkup and I hope he removes some of this equipment. Thanks for asking.

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