Really, that’s what I do a good part of the day. Ice pack on the knee, exercise the knee, stretch the knee, elevate the knee, etc. Then rinse and repeat. All this work is paying off, as my mobility is definitely improving. So hopefully I’ll be up and around soon.

Meanwhile, I started working in some crochet time and have a couple of items in progress. This colorful blob is the start of an afghan for my living room. I was inspired by the work of Amanda Perkins, and her wonderful riots of color. She mentions on her site a system of just randomly pulling your colors from a bag instead of working out a specific color repeat sequence. This first one used that method, and I am not sure 100 percent random will work with my colors. The darks and the pastels blend too much if next to each other. I’ve started the next block, with the additional rule of two darks, or two lights, cannot be next to each other. The second block is much more pleasing.

wpid-picsart_1426470417381.jpgAnd the recurrent nightmare is back! I’m actually making progress; in fact I finished the body, and have started a sleeve! I managed to try it on, and it definitely fits better than before. The fit is not as flattering as I had hoped, but there is little shaping in the pattern. This is my first pullover, and I think I will look for patterns with more shaping in the future. But it is cute, and I love the color, so it is definitely wearable.

wpid-picsart_1426470200537.jpgWell, back to knee exercises!

Note: Hyperlinks have now been sorted out, and should be working.


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