Sunday Somethings

Another week, another week of rehab. It’s time for Sunday Sevens, but I didn’t make it to seven as my life is so repetitive now. You really don’t need seven pics of my legs propped on pillows, do you?

Well, I’m starting to do a bit more, although I’m still mostly laying in bed with my feet up. Which is not nearly as relaxing as it sounds. I had my surgical follow up Wednesday, and the PA says it  looks good. He took out the staples and was pleased that I could get to 0 degrees when straightening my leg. I can get 115 degree bend in my knee at PT, but only got about 95 at the doc’s. Probably because I was in the waiting room for over an hour and the knee stiffened up. There is a bit more swelling than he would like to see, so he told me to be extra vigilant about lying flat on my back with my feet up most of the day. Have you ever tried to crochet on your back? Not easy.

The other new order was to get a cane, so Legs took me on Thursday to get one. So let me introduce Abigail, my new companion. My therapist showed me the proper technique to walking with her, and cleared me to use Abigail in the house. I still have to use the walker if I go outside.

IMG_20150320_232114~2By the way, I’m not completely nuts. My family has a long tradition of naming canes. My grandma used two–Henry and Jim-Henry. Mine looks more like an Abigail, at least to me.

The other good news is I am now SCD’s free. SCD stands for sequential compression device, and are those pressurized compression sleeves they put on your legs after surgery. I wrote a portable version for two weeks, and was heartily tired of forever untangling hoses. Bye bye!

IMG_20150319_193331~2On the crochet front, the pink problem is still ongoing. But here is the second block of my afghan, and I like the colors better. Making sure the darks are not jammed together helps a lot.


And finally–a new project! The pink nightmare has grown too large to fit into my purse, so I needed a smaller take-along project. Here it is in my Time Traveller yarn. And what is it? A scarf, of course!



Oh, and it’s tourney time! The bracket busting has begun! RAWR!!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Somethings

  1. Oh dear, recovery doesn’t sound great! I think I’d have to work out a way to crochet on my back as it seems a waste of forced feet up time not to be able to crochet! I love that you gave Abigail a name – it makes her seem like a friend instead of the enemy standing between you and walking unaided. Sending you warm thoughts:)

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