And the chaos spreads

And the chaos spreads.

Sigh. I finished the body of the sweater, including the trim. The second time through, I was extra careful with the counting, and I had the exact number of stitches I needed when I started the trim. And it came out perfect. The scalloped trim matched up perfectly and the join is barely visible! Yay!

So I did the same for the sleeves. I counted very carefully, and had the correct number of stitches when I started the trim.

So when I completed the sleeve trim, WHY IS IT 3 STITCHES OFF???????? There is no way to join this neatly, and I cannot find an error.

This was Monday. Frustrated, I stalked out to the family room, propped up the leg, and started working on my afghan. Only to discover a skein of yarn was missing. AN ENTIRE SKEIN. In a color I needed for the current block, of course. Wasn’t in the floor, or under the couch cushions, or by the recliner. How do you lose a whole skein? Really?

So yesterday evening the neighbor kid came over to take out the trash. (I have awesome neighbors.) So I set him to crawling on the floor looking UNDER the furniture. No luck. Finally he popped the recliner back and . . . there was the yarn, stuck up in the mechanism for the leg rest.

Sigh. The crochet gremlins are going to send me over the edge.


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