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My First Trauma Surgery

While recovering from surgery, I was asked to perform emergency surgery. On this puppet. When you”ve served 15 years as a church puppet, you have a rough life.


He is scheduled to perform at our church on Saturday, after the children’s Easter egg hunt. The assistant pastor asked me to repair him after she discovered the hand injury and a ruptured lip. Some one had also glued brown fabric circles onto his eyes as the pupils. This would not have been a problem, except they were two different sizes, which gave him a rather drunken, confused look. The above picture was taken after I had removed the mismatched pupils and fixed the lower lip.

Here he is after all his fixes. I don’t know who “repaired” his wrists with duct tape, but I was forced to replace it after stitching the hand back on, as the fabric is permanently discolored. I fixed the ruptured lower lip and the almost ruptured upper lip, so he’s not falling apart anymore. I also traced circles on his eyes and colored them in with a Sharpie. Now his eyes are the same size and they are both looking in the same direction!

IMG_20150401_171600~2lSo he’s ready to perform on Saturday! Yay!


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