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Sunday Sevens or Somethings

Okay, so I didn’t make seven again for Sunday Sevens but you definitely do not need to see another picture of my knee on ice. On that front I am driving short distances, and this may be my last week at home. I’m scheduled to return to work Monday, the 6-1/2 week mark, but the boss said to wait and see what the doc says this week. I may be entering my last week of PT. Not sure about that, as I still have mild pain and a lot of stiffness at times, but I have achieved the 120 degree minimum flexion required for basic functionality. Actually I made 122 degrees after a warmup, but I will need to keep pushing it for quite awhile after returning to work. Part of me finds the therapist a bit sadistic, and the other part wishes I could continue for the estimated three months that I will have some pain and swelling. I also need to ask the doc about when I can start walking for exercise and maybe biking, which means I really need to get a list of questions going.

Okay, enough about my knee. On to more interesting events.

The first one is, my cousin came to stay this week!!!! T. is two months younger than me, and the 3 of us are more like sisters than cousins, despite her growing up a nine hour drive away. She and her son flew in for his spring break, and it was lovely. She needed a break, and I wanted to see her. Her husband passed away of a heart attack in February, and she needed to get out. I appreciated some company and minor help after a week on her own. And she was a very easy guest. We ate out a lot, and she did some of the driving, and she got her and her son breakfast every morning. She and my parents took one day and drove a few hours west to a museum her son wanted to see, and it was also close to an uncle of ours, but it was too long a day for me at this point. And I passed on the distillery tour the next day–too much walking. But this is the best thing she did for me. Here she is helping me out (waving at the camera while doing so). Can you see what she’s doing?

IMG_20150407_214034~2Well, do you remember this from a past Sunday Sevens post?

wpid-img_20150110_23065222.jpg.jpegNow it looks like this!!!! She rolled up the entire knot of Peruvian alpaca my niece gave me at Christmas! Isn’t it beautiful??? I weighed it, and it’s 252 grams of what seems to be fingering weight alpaca. I hope it will be enough to do the Keys Shawl from the Winter 2015 issue of Interweave Crochet. It’s a lovely Tunisian shawl, and would be very warm in alpaca. It calls for 230 grams of the recommended yarn–I’m hoping this will work.

IMG_20150411_182925~2Now on to something a little bittersweet, but slightly amusing. It is amusing because since I’ve been laid up, people have been bringing me sewing projects. My sister needed help with costumes for her daughter’s play, the assistant pastor brought me a well-worn puppet, and the second day here T. mentions a project she needed help with. The hospital gave her the clothes her husband was wearing when he had the heart attack, and she wanted a pillow cover made out of the shirt he was wearing at the time. The hospital had butchered it pretty thoroughly cutting it off, but I managed to use about half of the back for the front, and the sleeves for the back. I finished the edges and overlapped them so she could slide a pillow form in. I thought it turned out well. At least I finished sewing it together, but was using the faux overlock stitch to finish the edges when a fuse blew. It wasn’t lights, so can someone tell me if there are fuses inside sewing machines? Whoops, I forgot to take a finished picture, so here’s the pillow in progress (working without a pattern). I’m glad it worked out; she really wanted this memento.


Look, spring finally sprang! This is the serviceberry tree (pronounced sarvusberry) in front of our house. Isn’t it beautiful? I’m hoping the redbud blooms before these fall away–it is truly lovely when they both bloom together.

IMG_20150409_192601Oh, one more thing. T. started cleaning out some of her mom’s old pictures and brought them down. My dad helped her identify some of the people and she divvied them up. Some are being sent to cousins, she took some to my uncle (he was a cute little boy), and I received a few. Including THIS!! It is a picture of my dearly loved, late grandma. The picture was take in 1905, when she was 4 years old!! I am thrilled–the woman helped raise me, and I’d never seen a picture of her this young before. Her only other childhood picture was taken when she was about 10 years old. Grandma is on the left, and her older sister is on the right. There was also a very, very glamorous portrait done of her, probably in her late teens. T. kept that, and we are both getting copies made for various family members.

lillian ireneHey, I made it to six pictures! So have a happy Sunday and enjoy your week!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens or Somethings

  1. The yarn looks great now it is all rolled up, I’m looking forward to seeing your shawl 🙂 I really like the old photo too – I’ve just made my Dad a photo album for his 50th… I loved looking through the old photos my Mum sent across for me!

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    1. The shawl may be awhile, as I have 2 to 3 projects already on the hook,and 2 more in the queue. But the yarn is now ready! The picture is so special. I miss my grandma still, and it touched my heart when T. pulled this one out.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a precious photo of your Grandma! How lovely to have your yarn rolled for you – such a boring job that I dread doing. And how ‘thoughtful’ for people to try to stop you from being bored by bringing all their sewing projects for you to finish!!!

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