Work, Presents, and a Scare

Well, today was the day! Seven weeks from surgery and I went back to work! It actually went very well, and I didn’t get too terribly tired. The next six weeks will be tough, as I have to continue to do all my stretches, exercises, and walking in before and after a full day’s work. So some schedule adjusting will be happening.

But this was the week/day of presents. The first up is actually my sister’s. She turned 50 after she returned home, and I of couse wasn’t able to travel to see her. The actual present is a mandoline, as she has coveted mine for the last few years. But the fun was in the wrapping! Look at this!

FB_IMG_1429745093431She posted this online after receiving it.You see, when she was here helping me after the surgery, she had so much fun positioning my leg for my exercises or icing. Because I was wearing the SCD’s with their air hoses, and the SCD’s, the ice pack, and the passive exercise machine all had two or more Velcro straps. The hoses were forever getting tangled, and the assorted Velcro straps kept attaching themselves everywhere they didn’t need to be. So I used Velcro dots instead of tape to wrap the present, and tied the bow out of the SCD hoses (after I no longer needed them and had returned the pump). She got a kick out of it. I love messing with her!

Next up is my present! I received this in the mail today! Look at the stamp–it’s a Royal Mail stamp! Jane from Rainbow Junkie held a giveaway recently, and I won! And the goodies arrived today!!!

package uk webLook at them, aren’t they adorable. Seven easter eggs in all the colors of the rainbow! Thank you so much Jane! I love them!

eggs basket web

And then a good friend showed up with a homemade dinner for me! She thought I might not feel like cooking after my first day back at work. Homemade meatloaf, broccoli with cheese, and a baked potato. I’m slightly embarrassed to say I ate the whole thing.

The scare happened right after my friend left. Legs isn’t home, and I had come in the front. I hear a small thud sound in the basement but this house creaks and groans a lot, especially with the windy weather we’ve been having. I’m standing in the family room, and then my heart stops. Some one is definitely coming up the basement steps!

I am completely paralyzed when the door from the basement yanks open . . . it’s Legs’ BFF! He has been mowing my lawn and had just put the mower up!! I nearly strangled him for scaring me so badly. (His parents keep a spare key to my house, just in case, and so he had used it to get in to use my mower. But he took out my kitchen trash while he was here, so I guess I can forgive him.)

Hopefully the rest of the evening is calmer.


5 thoughts on “Work, Presents, and a Scare

    1. The Bff did come close to being strangled. But he’d also taken my kitchen trash out, so I couldn’t t complain. The eggs are sitting on my glass front bookcase at the moment. I will probably put them with my Easter egg collection eventually. Surgery prevented decorating this year.

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