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Where’s the remote?

Even though I dropped of the face of the web, I did do a fair amount about the blog. Usually guilty thinking, as in I need to get back to it but first I actually need to make something, etc., etc., etc. By Christmas I didn’t really care. After Christmas I started thinking about it, but still wasn’t making a whole lot of anything. I blame the taxes, and the insurance company (which still cannot process some of my scrips correctly). (And Legs–he got me hooked on Guild Wars 2. It’s an amazing game yet I may strangle him for getting me addicted.) Then a few weeks back, the light bulb finally lit. My blog’s name is Loose Threads and Fluff. I picked that name so I wouldn’t be tied down to just one form of needlework or even needlework. I will attempt pretty much any craft or art form at least once, given the opportunity.

But it could also involve all of the other bits and pieces in my life. Legs, books, the search for comfortable shoes, the office redo which has not happened, and a myriad other things that command my attention. And I need it to, because I have ADHD–Inattentive Subtype. Diagnosed almost four years ago, and realizing I probably had it ever since Legs was diagnosed, it wasn’t until this year I let myself acknowledged just how it impacts my life. Much of it is cool and interesting–I love creating stuff and will experiment happily given the chance. But after being widowed, I quickly realized I have NO organizational skills of my own. My husband was always organized, so it was always easy to put paperwork and other stuff where he wanted it. And with two of us splitting the chores, there wasn’t as much for me to keep up with. But without him, well, missing remotes occur daily and I’ve even temprarily lost my glasses although I cannot see without them. the chart below describes my life now. Legs and I laughed at how accurate it is.

Courtesy of the fine folks at ADDitude, via Pinterest.You know you have ADD when list

Yes, everyone has had an occasional day or week like this. But with ADHD, this is MY ENTIRE LIFE. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. No. 15 is my default mode. So is no. 21, and…never mind. No excuses, just an explanation. Well, that’s my story for the day, and back to more regular programming next week.

I AM still working on a shawl, and oh, there is this. Blame my assistant pastor for this-she started it.wp-1464226145285.jpeg


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