Sunday Sevens

Sunday Sevens–Starting Over

Well, since I’m back to semi-regular blogging, I guess I’d better get a move on with Sunday Sevens again.


Last Sunday was our church’s annual Memorial Day picnic. And Legs actually participated in the youth vs. adult kickball game and scored a run! (He’s never been much on team sports. Wonder where he gets that from?)



Monday was Memorial Day, to honor those who have served and died protecting our country. We took my parents on a country drive in the new ride, and stopped at a park overlooking the day out. It was a perfect day for a drive, and my dad always loved to take Sunday drives when I was growing up. Somewhere in there might be a buzzard circling, aka turkey vulture. There were three to four of them circling, and I wish I’d had my actual camera instead of a smartphone. Lovely view, and we’ve had tons of rain so the river is up and muddy.



So now we’re on Tuesday, which brings me to … hmmmm… what did I do on Tuesday? Hmmm, apparently Tuesday was really boring–sorry about that.


And now for Wednesday, grocery shopping and Guild Wars 2! It’s all the kid’s fault, all of it, entirely!!! Here’s a random screen shot I took, actually a while back, when we were running ingame together. I’m the tall lady on the left; Legs is the deranged bunny critter on the right. Yes, I’m considered a mature, responsible adult. LOL.



And Thursday–more activity with Legs. Ta-da!! Yes, he’s cutting out patterns for SEWING! GASP!


And what is he sewing? No, that is not a very large Christmas stocking. It’s a leg gaiter/cover/spat/whatever they are calling it. And why does he need gray spats? It’s for Mando armor, what else? If you don’t know what a Mando is, think Boba Fett.


Friday we celebrated my birthday and it was fun! Dinner at a Mexican restaurant where they make their own tortilla chips. Warm tortilla chips and salsa!! Nummmmmm! And then I’m recycling this, because it just made my day.


and finally…


Saturday became interesting, and I got sidetracked (of course). Which means I put off some church costuming duties until the last minute. VBS starts Monday, and I had promised to pull together a costume and props for it. So that meant buying a cheap toilet plunger and making this:


Oooh, wow, really bad picture. Sorry. And a reluctant model to boot. What is that? That is a rescue harness made out of our old reliable, duct tape. (Don’t worry, no one is actually being hoisted or rescued with it. It’s a costume accessory only!) Our assistant pastor has come up with a series of skits involving a not very good spelunker. Which is why he needs a rescue harness, Christmas lights, and a toilet plunger among other items. I’m sure it will be very silly, very fun, and get the point across, because we have a fantastic pastor. (Note: Legs is not acting in the skits–he just gets to model for mom.)


5 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens–Starting Over

    1. Probably no pictures, since I’m not actually helping with VBS. I just provide costumes and props.The assistant pastor comes up with the skits, and she sweet-talked a teenager into the acting. So yes I serve God by making duct-tape costumes. 😀


    1. Haha! I am NOT using the toilet plunger; I am merely the procurer of costumes and props. I don’t actually help with VBS–41 kids in one place would send me well over the edge. Apparently the not very good spelunker character uses it as a “personal fall preventer.” Blame the pastor for the skit–I just outfit ’em!

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