Sunday Sevens

Sunday Sevens, restart #1

And I’m back!!!! And I should never post when I am exhausted and ticked at technology, because ummm, the ‘puter wasn’t really down. (In my defense, it was the exact same error/symptom I was getting when the hard drive went into failure mode last year. EXACTLY.) But this time, permanent “power saver mode” was caused by <whisper>me kicking the monitor cable loose.</whisper> Oops.

Anyhow, here’s Sunday Sevens!


Purple clematis

My clematis survived the great deck remodel! I couldn’t believe it, because those workers completely destroyed the old deck (they were being paid to do that) along with my hosta bed and the clematis TRELLIS and it’s bed. The hostas I didn’t worry about, but I was shocked to see this one sprouting. Of course, now I need a new trellis.



Pattern cutting! Hooray! Note to self: Steam ironing while having a hot flash-not fun.



And my gorgeous front pots! I do love the colors.



More pattern cutting–even better, FINISHED pattern cutting!



And the “new” car finally hit 5000 miles! Man, I never thought I could enjoy a car this much. I think it’s because it’s the first car I haven’t inherited or had to choose based on the needs of the entire family. This one just had to suit me. (Not that I minded the van–it was a great vehicle and really handled well.)



Well, looka there! It’s a French seam. wOOt! New sewing project underway–full steam ahead!


I am NOT posting a picture for my last one. But I had a minor triumph yesterday. It hit the 90’s for the first time this summer, and was perfect car washing weather. I had taken my parents out for a country, and partly off the beaten track, drive in the new vehicle and it was wearing a ton of dust and pollen.

Because I am, well, not as neat as some, I usually wear a swimsuit when washing a car. Especially when it’s over 90 degrees. As background, when we went to the beach two years ago, I ordered three swimsuits while a massive sale was ongoing. In different sizes, because my weight had gone up. The smallest was waaay too small–embarrassingly bad fit.

But last year I started watching my calories, and was walking A LOT because of the knee’s rehab and I am now 15 pounds lightr. So the smallest suit FITS. Perfectly. YAY!

Now I still need to loose a bit more, and no matter my weight, I will NEVER post a picture of me wearing a swimsuit. EVER. But this small triumph made me rather happy.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens, restart #1

  1. Lovely post. The flowers in the pot are so cheerful and bright . Maybe swimsuit could be worn for ironing. When you was pregnant with number two son I wore a swimsuit in the summer for housework!! Congratulations on the weight loss!

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    1. Yes, it’s Jackmanii. Well, I’m pretty sure it is. It was there when we bought the house, and that was 19 years ago. My grandma had a Jackmanii, so I’m pretty sure this one is too. It’s a hardy thing, considering I don’t exactly baby my plants.

      Liked by 1 person

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