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And the summer keeps coming

Wow, what a summer we’ve had! Somehow, we have morphed from fairly strong introverts into very social ones. We started around Memorial Day with no less than 7 parties/events in 9 days. Followed by my birthday, VBS (which thankfully I didn’t have a lot to do for), an ice cream social, a visit from my cousin and her son, and then my kid’s birthday. All while I’m supposed to be planning for vacation. (And let’s not forget an entire evening spent arguing with the cable company about poor internet service and even worse communication. Grrrrrr.)

Which is why I haven’t posted Sunday Sevens or anything else for a couple of weeks.

So here’s a recap, not necessarily seven, of my life lately.

Here’s what Legs has been up to:


Yep, he sews, albeit a little unwillingly. The things one must do to get Mando armor.img_20160617_195012_494.jpg

But look–he can do a French seam now. (He’s thrilled, let me tell ya.)


Spending time with his cousin playing video games. I get video games–they’re fun. But spending a couple of hours watching someone play video games–I don’t get. Oh well, they get along.

And some of mine:


Gathers, and next is the placket. Progress!img_20160617_195051_655.jpg


I took my cousin, who is an excellent sewer, to A’s, who I thought I had mentioned in a previous post, but apparently not. More about that later–let’s just say it’s a fabriholics heaven. Yet I ended up spending money. Hmmmm. But yes, that 20+ year-old navy chair will become yellow, hopefully by the end of summer.

T. wanted to go the Horse Park, so off we went. It was a lovely, but rather hot, day for it. The best part was the Parade of Champions, where they brought out former champions that now live at the park. T. was so excited, as she used to show horses and jumpers when she was growing up.

So here we have, starting at top left: Funny Cide, 2003 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner; Go for Gin, winner of the 1994 Kentucky Derby; a head shot of Western Dreamer, a champion standardbred; and Da Hoss, two-time Breeder’s Cup champion and known as the Comeback King.

And here is a closeup of me petting (or getting ready to pet) Funny Cide! Yes, we got to pet and meet a Derby winner! Squeee! Isn’t he beautiful?


And this is Gunner, a resident Frisian and retired working horse, who was headed to the paddock with his handler. He was very sweet about being petted, despite baptizing Legs with a giant horse sneeze. <snicker> He is such a gorgeous horse.


And lastly, a picture of T at the variety store. This store is run by A., who is truly and forever one of God’s unique creations. She is in her nineties, and has run this place since the 1960’s. A. has friends and contacts throughout the fabric and apparel industry, and the woman knows how to shop! She buys leftovers, overruns, and anything she can bargain for. It is situated in an old house downtown, and is crammed from top to bottom with the most glorious selection of fabrics and trims you could ever hope to find. Silks, embroidered lace, designer upholstery, tasseled and beaded trim–it’s all here! Everyone from wedding gown creators to the local drag queens shops here. My upholstery fabric was $14.00 a yard, and it’s top quality. I bought heavy gimp trim for another project for $0.75 a yard and 20 yards of ribbon for $5.00 total.Nothing has a price on it, or a tag–you have to ask A. She has it all in her head. She knows what she bought, where she bought it, what she wants for it, and how much it costs at regular retail stores (If it’s even available). And A. is a law unto herself within that store. The store is open when she is there. Don’t call to ask if she is open, because she does not answer the telephone. If she likes you, you might get a discount. If she doesn’t, you might be told to leave. So here is T. salivating over a bin of silks, in one tiny corner of the shop.


So she liked that purple stripe silk, and fell in love with a rich emerald green one in another room. I told her to buy the green, as it would be a gorgeous dress on her.No, she doesn’t have time and didn’t need to spend the money. But I know the look when someone falls in love with a fabric, and she had. So by midnight, she decided she NEEDED the green silk for a holiday party dress. But A was not open again while she was in town, so I made ANOTHER trip to buy the silk last Saturday. Sadly, most of the green had been bought. leaving not enough for a dress. So a half-dozen texts later, T. decided on a soft gray shadow stripe and the purple stripe in the above photo. I bought the fabrics and shipped them to her, so all is well now. Moral of the story: if you fall in love with a fabric, buy it because it might not be there later.

I actually have a crochet project on the hook, and will try to post about it in a few days.

Whoops! Forgot a picture–the burial place of Man O’War, one of the greatest thoroughbreds ever. His stride was 28 feet long, and he could run forever.


Happy Fourth of July!!



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