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I love my family, I love my family, I love my family…

Just reminding myself that I really do love my family.

This week’s culprit–my sister, who lives about a 14-hour drive away from me and is married with three grown (okay, college age) children. She called me Sunday evening, about 9:30 p.m.

Sis (joking tone): Hey, are those beds ready yet?

Me (confused tone): What beds?

Sis (kinda joking): Those beds for us to sleep in.

Me (not joking tone): What beds? WHEN are you coming?

Sis (somewhat worried tone): Saturday? Ummm, didn’t I tell you we were coming?

Me: NO.

Sis (very worried, serious tone): I didn’t tell you we are taking a trip to see the grandparents next week? We’ve been planning this for over a month. (Hysterical laughter erupts in the background at her end of the call. Apparently my nieces are listening.)

Me: Ummm, nope, news to me.

Sis (very apologetic now): I’M SO SORRY…sorry…sorry……sorry….. no wonder Mom asked if I’d called you….sorry….sorry……are you SURE?……sorry…..sorry…. (said over much background laughter)

Me: ROFL, ROFL, ROFL (hysterical laughter on my end)

Yes, my sister and the locust swarm are coming in Saturday to stay for four nights, with barely a week’s warning. Which considering my family, is actually fair warning. My mom suffered through a brother-in-law who would just appear some evening with his family of seven intending to stay for up to a week. So my sister and I are usually pretty good at giving early warning about visits, but someone dropped the ball this time. Silly me, thinking I’d actually get two weekends in a row this summer with no commitments to church or family. Silly, silly to think that could happen.

And when she fails to announce a visit, she really fails. Apparently our mom didn’t know anything about this trip until Sunday either. My sis may never live this one down.

Well, I’m off to clean house and make a grocery list! Have a good week!






2 thoughts on “I love my family, I love my family, I love my family…

  1. The opposite to this being my husband. Can my cousin come to stay? Yes and we agree mid August. I ask him for around three months if this has been discussed with cousin. On Monday he phones her to ask. Now just a fortnight away. Does she give a definitive answer. Of course not, she has promised to feed her sons cat when he goes away, only she can’t remember when. It’s Wednesday now and she hasn’t called back yet. Families;!! Have a good weekend!

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  2. We have family at short notice all the time – sometimes no notice at all and a fleeting visit turns into an overnight stay. Just enjoy the fact that they want to spend some time with you and are not there to check your housework skills. Have fun!

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