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So I’m in the 80% that are wrong

First off, before I get too wordy, proof that I have been crocheting:

Young man wearing new crocheted hat.

Legs is wearing his latest version of The Best Guy Hat Ever, courtesy of Interweave Crochet. Fortunately this is a dead easy, rather fun pattern, so I didn’t mind having to do version 2. He inherited my family’s extra-large head size, and when I completed version 1, exactly according to the largest size pattern  and using the recommended DK weight yarn–it wasn’t long enough. Well, it was, but barely. He likes a fair amount of brim to flip up. Version 1 had no length to flip up and still cover his ears. Version 2 is made in worsted weight yarn, Lion Brand Wool-Ease, and instead of eight sections around, I only made six, or it would have been way too fat. He loves it, or he would if it wasn’t a typical humid, overheated August. The hat will be more fashionable in December.

Now on to the main topic. While recently wandering through the internet, I came across something interesting and surprising. Fair warning, if you are not interested in a commentary about women’s bras and how poorly they fit, you can stop reading NOW. The rest of this post is for all the ladies who have suffered with poorly  fitting bras, including my special nemesis–the strap that keeps falling off my shoulder. Because according to practically every article on the subject, 80 percent of us ladies are wearing the incorrect bra size. And I was one of those ladies.

I have been working on a costume project off and on this summer, and it has led me into all kinds of interesting nooks and crannies in the digital wonderland of the internet. Especially design and patternmaking, and including forays into corsets, especially their purpose and their construction (not making one–just a side interest), which reminded me that I probably needed to purchase some new support garments myself.<sigh> The ones I have are in need of replacement, and they never fit right anyways.

So, sometime last week Pinterest fed me a recommended post. On bra fitting and a wondrous new method. Yeah, yeah, right. I’ve been fitted at stores, I’ve read the methods and done my own measurements, and my results have been fine(ish). But my body is starting to show my age, and I’m not particularly happy with the way any of my clothing has been fitting.  So I clicked. Here’s the original post I found, by someone named Jen at EpBot. Thank you Jen! FYI, these links are probably NSFW. Okay, so this post is from three years ago and I’m probably the last woman on earth to find this method, so feel free to laugh at me but just in case someone else hasn’t seen this method, check out these links.

She does a great job explaining bra band and cup sizing, and how they are related, and why all B cups are not the same. I’m not going to explain it all, because she did a fine job.

She then provides a  link to this post, which explains in detail how to correctly measure yourself for a bra. It’s only two measurements involving properly sizing your band and using gravity to help you get the proper cup size. It works for small and large sizes, and women with side tissue like me. Side tissue, for those of you lucky enough not to have it, is when your breast tissue grows to the side all the way under your arm. I found this out when I reached the age of the mammogram, because (lucky me) I get a whole extra set of scans done. They are called “Cleopatras” because it is a “side” view (walk like an Egyptian).  If you have ever worn a poorly fitting bra, you need to measure yourself with this method. DO IT. NOW. Then take your two numbers, and go plug them in to this bra size calculator at Sophisticated Pair.

When you are done laughing hysterically at the ridiculously large size it will give you, go try a bra on IN THAT SIZE. You may, like me, have to order one. That’s right, I don’t know of a store in town that carries the size I was given. In fact, I didn’t know they made that size, so I’m waiting for Amazon to deliver my test subjects. (I’m cheap and took the free shipping option. It will take not quite two weeks to get here.) Since I’m ADHD, I couldn’t wait so I stopped by a store to see what I could find. (Yeah, I know, so much for cheap as I bought a second bra. This is ADHD logic at its finest; don’t expect me to explain it. And it was on discount, so there.)

Here are my results versus past history. In high school I started out in A cups and have migrated all the way up to C. My current most comfortable bra is a 38C with the slipping strap issue, which a fitting consultant once told me was because my bra was too big. And some gapping, also supposedly because it was too big. However, the underwires did not dig into my side tissue, so that was helpful.

The bra I bought at the local store was pretty much the largest size I could find for my band size, which went down. I am wearing a—-36DDD—and IT’S TOO SMALL. Also more comfortable than anything I’ve worn in years. My shirts still fit, but they fit sooooo much better. The straps are staying on my shoulders. In fact they are digging in despite being adjusted to the longest length, because the cups are still too small (but very wearable). The band is riding up some in back, but not like the 38C one, and there is still a small gap at the front top.

Which means my mail order experiment, which I am STILL waiting on, is even larger. It is a…

…wait for it…


…wait for it…


…wait for it…



Yep, apparently I put on a lot of weight under my arms. LOL. And apparently an awful lot of fitting consultants don’t know how to fit someone with side tissue.

Final results will be pending my shipment arriving from Amazon.

I’ll keep you posted. Don’t worry, there will be no photos.






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