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Progress! One sodden, RIT-dyed cape for Joseph is ready for the dryer! Yes, we lost costumes for Joseph and Mary. Fortunately, years before I took over, some kind mother made two white cotton capes. I dyed one brown for Joseph several years back, and kept the other one back in case we needed a cape of a different color.


Well, the first brown cape is now in the landfill, so thanks to the magic of RIT, Joseph will have his traveling cape for Sunday’s pageant. And his traveling bag! Babs had stored the bag and the boxes the three magi carry in her VBS props box!! Yay!! (I was scared Wednesday afternoon that the boxes had been tossed also. Huge relief.) I have also made 5 robes and one poncho–Mary’s robe is the only full robe still needing to be made. And make sure there are enough headpieces/wraps for everyone.


Random Life · sewing

Still here, still busy…

Just hopping in as proof I’m still kicking. Here’s proof–more French seams, and a hem to be hand-stitched. Oh, and a plumbing job from a week or so ago. I’m rather proud of myself–replaced the sink stopper and ball rod all by my lonesome.   Hope everyone is enjoying autumn, although until yesterday it has… Continue reading Still here, still busy…