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Still here, still busy…

Just hopping in as proof I’m still kicking. Here’s proof–more French seams, and a hem to be hand-stitched. Oh, and a plumbing job from a week or so ago. I’m rather proud of myself–replaced the sink stopper and ball rod all by my lonesome.   Hope everyone is enjoying autumn, although until yesterday it has… Continue reading Still here, still busy…


Sunday Sevens No. 16

Well, it’s still not seven this week. I’ve rather overdone it, but the big event was flooring! So it’s more randomness for my Sunday Sevens. What it looks like when 34-year-old carpet padding is removed. Apparently the previous owners left the original pad in place and just put new carpet over it. The pad had to… Continue reading Sunday Sevens No. 16

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Tangling and Untangling

Again, sorry about the disappearing act. Every now and then life gets a little bit tangled up and time goes <poof>! But it also gave me some time to think. Although I started this blog to track and focus on my crafting, artsy, and creative side and hopefully motivate myself to be more organized and… Continue reading Tangling and Untangling