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Can I make the holidays MORE complicated? Why YES, YES I can!!

My grandmother always said you have two choices in life–you can laugh or you can cry, and it’s always more fun to laugh! This week, I may be laughing until I start sobbing. But first, here’s a brief survey of recent activity. This is what happens when a 16-year-old microwave decides to give up the… Continue reading Can I make the holidays MORE complicated? Why YES, YES I can!!

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So I’m in the 80% that are wrong

First off, before I get too wordy, proof that I have been crocheting: Legs is wearing his latest version of The Best Guy Hat Ever, courtesy of Interweave Crochet. Fortunately this is a dead easy, rather fun pattern, so I didn’t mind having to do version 2. He inherited my family’s extra-large head size, and… Continue reading So I’m in the 80% that are wrong

Sunday Sevens

Sunday Sevens, restart #1

And I’m back!!!! And I should never post when I am exhausted and ticked at technology, because ummm, the ‘puter wasn’t really down. (In my defense, it was the exact same error/symptom I was getting when the hard drive went into failure mode last year. EXACTLY.) But this time, permanent “power saver mode” was caused… Continue reading Sunday Sevens, restart #1

Sunday Sevens

Sunday Sevens–Starting Over

Well, since I’m back to semi-regular blogging, I guess I’d better get a move on with Sunday Sevens again. #1 Last Sunday was our church’s annual Memorial Day picnic. And Legs actually participated in the youth vs. adult kickball game and scored a run! (He’s never been much on team sports. Wonder where he gets… Continue reading Sunday Sevens–Starting Over