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And the summer keeps coming

Wow, what a summer we’ve had! Somehow, we have morphed from fairly strong introverts into very social ones. We started around Memorial Day with no less than 7 parties/events in 9 days. Followed by my birthday, VBS (which thankfully I didn’t have a lot to do for), an ice cream social, a visit from my… Continue reading And the summer keeps coming

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Pink Marshmallows

Ever just want to hold a ball of yarn and squish it because it’s so soft? That is how these  lovely pink skeins feel. This is Universal Yarn’s Eden Silk, color quince. It is 75% merino wool and 25% silk, and 100% squishy softness. It is a heathered yarn, which softens up the pink quite a bit and… Continue reading Pink Marshmallows