Sunday Sevens

Sunday Sevens, restart #1

And I’m back!!!! And I should never post when I am exhausted and ticked at technology, because ummm, the ‘puter wasn’t really down. (In my defense, it was the exact same error/symptom I was getting when the hard drive went into failure mode last year. EXACTLY.) But this time, permanent “power saver mode” was caused… Continue reading Sunday Sevens, restart #1

Sunday Sevens

Sunday Sevens–Starting Over

Well, since I’m back to semi-regular blogging, I guess I’d better get a move on with Sunday Sevens again. #1 Last Sunday was our church’s annual Memorial Day picnic. And Legs actually participated in the youth vs. adult kickball game and scored a run! (He’s never been much on team sports. Wonder where he gets… Continue reading Sunday Sevens–Starting Over

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Sunday Sevens or Somethings

Okay, so I didn’t make seven again for Sunday Sevens but you definitely do not need to see another picture of my knee on ice. On that front I am driving short distances, and this may be my last week at home. I’m scheduled to return to work Monday, the 6-1/2 week mark, but the… Continue reading Sunday Sevens or Somethings


Sunday Sevens No. 20

Well, this is probably not a proper Sunday Sevens . It’s been a crazy week at home and work getting ready for surgery. Ack. It’s here—this week. Ack. So I’m saying goodbye to my knee—it’s been a good one, but it is quite worn out. Everyone who’s heard of my doctor says he’s fantastic, so… Continue reading Sunday Sevens No. 20