Pluggin’ along

Still here, still pluggin’ along. Yeah, it’s still here. If I can’t do perfect double crochet by the time I’m done, there’ll be no hope for me. I missed Sunday Sevens this week (sorry Natalie) due to a rather massive case of the blahs. Apparently I‘m suffering from a major case of post-project let down/fatigue mixed in… Continue reading Pluggin’ along

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They Just Keep Coming

Per my previous musings, I’ve decided on a next project, or at least one that’s moving into “the pile.” It is the Marlo cardigan, from Interweave Crochet’s Winter 2014 edition. Isn’t it smart looking? It’s done in Tunisian honeycomb stitch, which look interesting. Personally, I love Tunisian, so I’ve been eyeing this pattern since it… Continue reading They Just Keep Coming